WAVE Technology Install Completed for City of McAllen Electric Buses

Metro McAllen

For Immediate Release
January 26, 2016

SALT LAKE CITY, UT — Wireless Advanced Vehicle Electrification (WAVE) has completed a project with The City of McAllen’s Transit Department, Metro McAllen (McAllen), to install WAVE technology on two buses that include an all-electric, Zero-Emission Propulsion System (ZEPS) provided by Complete Coach Works (CCW).

WAVE technology transfers power through the air, from embedded charging pad placed in the pavement to the vehicle’s undercarriage 7 to 8 inches above, minimizing the need for on-board power storage.

Mario Delgado, Transit Director for McAllen shares, “This project has been a long time coming. The predominant reason it made sense for us was that it will allow us to charge our buses while they are in service. It will be idle while it’s stopped over the pad, but we won’t have to pull the bus out of service to charge it. We will be able to complete one full day with the inductive charging, so it’s just very convenient. We will give our bus the range it needs during a whole day without disturbing our service. The WAVE in-route charging roughly doubles the range of the bus on a given day.”

An embedded charging pad has been placed in the asphalt at one of the McAllen stops so that the bus route will be unchanged. The embedded pads will measure about three feet square. The pads are flat and seamlessly blend with the asphalt causing no harm to anyone/anything that pass over it.

“The bus will arrive over the charging pad every hour, initiating a layover of about 10-15 minutes so that the bus can charge, causing no disruption to the route,” notes Delgado.

When asked about the relationship with WAVE Delgado stated, “It’s been a very good working relationship. There is a level of respect and trust between us and it’s worked well.”

WAVE (Wireless Advanced Vehicle Electrification) is a technology company based in Utah that develops high power wireless charging solutions for electric vehicles including transit and shuttle buses, fleet vehicles, streetcars, and off-road industrial vehicles. WAVE tackles the problem of heavy and expensive vehicle batteries through wireless power, transferring electricity between vehicle and roadway.

The City of McAllen’s Transit Department (McAllen) was created in 2001 in order to manage and maintain Central Station, the City’s International Transit Terminal Facility. Metro McAllen currently operates seven (7) intercity bus routes and a paratransit bus service for eligible patrons. The bus system hubs out of the downtown terminal facility where passengers can connect to an array of international, national, regional and intercity destinations. The bus service days of operation are Monday through Saturday.

Complete Coach Works (CCW) is the largest U.S. bus remanufacturing and rehabilitation company and the leading provider of a vast array of transportation solutions with over 28 years of dedicated service in the transportation industry. CCW is a pioneer in the business and strives to continually provide cleaner air through innovative design and engineering, resulting in the world’s first and only remanufactured all-electric battery powered bus. Developed and integrated by CCW, the Zero Emission Propulsion System (ZEPS) technology provides customers a highly cost effective alternative to green transportation, potentially revolutionizing the transportation industry while supporting the environment for future generations. Regardless of how small or large the job, CCW provides an exceptionally experienced team of over 350 experts, committed to customer service and satisfaction.

For more information, please contact Celeste Casas at (800) 287-7253 or e-mail celeste@waveipt.com
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